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If you think you have to be french to be a french wine lover it's time to think again !

Simple, fun and smart. Welcome to the French Wine Experience created by WNE. Taste it, scratch it, learn all about it !

Discover !

The best of France in 8 boxes and 24 wines.

We created two lines to guide you step by step on the sinious path of french wines. Start your initiation with our Great Wines of France boxes.


WNE is a unique Wine Experience making the client is own oenologist.

WNE is not only a wine box, it's a large range of high standard boxes that offers an autonomous and cheerful experience to its clients through blind tasting, making the understanding of French wine easy.


WNE's selection: excellence at the service of your quest for experience.

Because excellence is at the core of our concept and of your WNE experience, we carefully selected our winemakers on three criterias: the best quality of each region, their name as a gage of passion, the wine they produce as a true ambassadeur to its terroir.


WNE guide you through the wine tasting following the real art of Dégustation à la française.

1. look

Take your glass, fill it up a third, and angle it at 45° in front of a clear background. Use the light to observe its colour – this is what we call the wine’s robe.

2. smell

Start by smelling the wine without moving the glass, then wake the aromas up by gently swilling your glass, and smell again.

3. Taste

Take a first sip and resist the temptation to swallow it! Instead, breathe in some air to make the wine “tourner en bouche” and reveal its flavours.

“ All your friends are only swearing by Bordeaux... But you know, thanks to WNE, that you would rather have a Bourgogne”

Grégoire D.